Monday, May 21, 2012


I completed high school in the school named "Escola Caetano de Campos", at Republic Square, in Downtown São Paulo, Brazil. Eu completei o ginásio na "Escola Caetano de Campos", situada na Praça da República, em São Paulo. (I did the same post in December 05, 2009, but I've added more two pictures).

Photos taken by Carlos A. Mascaro.



  1. What a nice school you attended. The building exterior & interior architecture is beautiful !

  2. Like an island of grace and calm in the middle of skyscrapers, beautiful!

  3. Looks like a good place to get an education even if it is in the middle of so much business.

  4. Adoro escolas.
    Obrigada por partilhar a sua,
    Boa semana!

  5. Linda escola e como é bom voltar nos antigos colégios,né? um beijo,linda semana!chica

  6. The city's architecture and the oasis in the middle of it all take my breath away.

  7. What a gorgeous school! Did you go back recently? The last time I visited my primary school, I found everything was NOT as I remembered. It all looked a lot smaller, for a start!

    Are the aerial shots taken from a helicopter? I understand it's quite common for people in a hurry to get around in Sao Paulo by chopper. I guess they must be RICH people in a hurry lol! ;)

    Beijos x

  8. What an elegant school.
    I love the header photo of the skyscrapers.

  9. Your school is beautiful!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. That looks like an amazing high school, mine was an incredibly ugly building.

  11. Sonia, these beautiful images well describe the elegant school you attended, a real oasis in the green among the skyscrapers. Nice the interiors too.
    Have a pleasant day!

  12. Such a nice shaped public school! Easy to spot from the air.

  13. Such a BEAUTIFUL Building, my dear Sonia....And I am always awed by how huge San Paolo is---That curved building is so very fantastic---If I remember correctly, isn't that the Building that is so BIG it has it's own Zip Code? MAGNIFICENT!!!!

  14. Yes, you are right my dear Naomi!
    Copan, that curved building due to the large number of residents, the city hall gave the building its own ZIP code.
    More informations about this amazing building:
    * Height, 140 m 459 ft, Floors, 40Construction end 1953. Architect: Oscar Niemeyer.
    * The building name was inspired by a Mayan Temple in Honduras.
    * The building is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest structure built in Brazil.
    * The condominium has 107 employees to serve and maintain the building.
    * According to IBGE, a major research institute in Brazil, the building has a larger population than 547 cities in the country.
    * The Guinness Book of World Records also claims this building has the largest floor area of any residential structure in the world.

  15. That is some new banner shot Sonia! I thought you were a country girl..I like it!

  16. that is a beautiful high school! it's always sentimental to reflect on our past lives.

  17. Wow so much different from my old school

  18. Oh my! What marvellous pictures of the city and that curved building is very impressive!
    I hope your memories of your school days are happy memories. i loved going to school, but for some people, school was a very hard time.

  19. Uma bela cidade ,São Paulo enorme um gigante de pedra.
    E a Escola ,uma linda lembrança Sonia.
    Excelentes .
    meu abraço

  20. Lovely school Sonia!! I am always amazed by the architecture in Sao Paulo and the many wonderful buildings there. I would love to visit that city someday! I was just reading the comment about the curved building having it's own zip code. I don't think I'd want to live in that huge building!! It is quite amazing though!!

  21. Ah, I went back to look at the old photos to compare. What a gorgeous old building, It's fantastic that the city rose up around your high school and all that green space was preserved.

  22. My high school was Rhodes Prep located on E. 54th Street in NYC. It was a townhouse with an elevator converted into a high school. Our "chief" was Mr. Merril of Merril, Lynch, Fenner and Smith. I met some people there who affected my live in not the best ways..imagine walking down the stairwell and meeting someone who would never let go...sometimes you never know who you meet. Those days were fun!!I used to cut classes and go to Tiffany's and Central Park and hang out. I miss Dr. Lawrence, headmaster of Rhodes. xoxoxoxoMelanie


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